Dealers Must Have EV Charging By 2028 to Receive New EV Inventories

All Cars will be Electric by 2040

10,000,000 New and Used Electric Vehicles

 will be on US roads by 2027

Charging Stations

Charging Facilities will grow to 1.8 Million locations by 2027 Including 1,200 Car Dealers

Solar Power

10 Million solar systems will be in residential operation by 2028 with 1.6 Million in commercial operation

Energy Storage

Battery and Hydrogen energy storage will change utility standards

Be ready to meet EV energy demands...

Durable Energy is an energy design company focused on automotive and light truck dealerships and their immediate need for EV charging infrastructure. We provide dealers with turnkey systems including; software, chargers, and electrical infrastructure solutions.  

  • Durable allows new car dealers to meet manufacturer’s EV sales mandates, charge EVs, and comply with state/and Federal Zero emissions laws.
  • Durable is the only full power solutions EV infrastructure partner for new and used car dealerships.
New EV Drivers Each Year

The Southwestern US will have the greatest growth in new and used EV cars sales for the next 10 years.

Drivers will Charge at a Friendly EV Car Dealerships

Traveling without range anxiety

The traveling public and commercial light truck demand are growing quickly, with over 2.7 million new EV orders with vehicle manufacturers.

General Motors (GM) is the largest manufacturer of new cars in the US with over 2.5 million cars sold in 2020. GM is followed by Toyota and Ford each with over 2.0 million EV cars sold. The development timelines for these 3 manufacturers provide key insights into just how fast electric vehicle charging systems must be deployed in the US market. 

Xavone Charles

What we wanted to do ?

Electrify Your Dealership, Fleet or Rental Car Agency

Durable provides new and used car and truck dealership clients with much-needed electric infrastructure upgrades that include; design, engineering, and installation of EV charging devices, battery storage, and electric power generation systems. Further, Durable global certified and licensed partners provide cost analysis and bank and real estate financing.

Durable will help your dealership with all the work to get you wired and ready for an EV future that has already started!

All Points and In Between

6,580,600 U.S. public EV charging points and car service locations by 2030

Such a revolution has never been seen before, and the needs of the climate, the cost of gas, and the rapidly evolving battery life of electric vehicles have fueled this need for such rapid growth.

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of the National EV U.S.
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New Income Source

As more EV’s enter the market, fully prepared dealerships will gain the advantage over the competition.

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